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Finding X and Y Intercepts of a Line

X-intercept means the point where the graph of any line crosses the x-axis. Y-intercept also means the point where the graph of any line crosses the y-axis.

Think back to the coordinate plane, if you have a point right on the x-axis what is its y-value? Zero you are right. What about a point right on the y-axis what is its x-value? Zero! orrect.
Because of this fact in order for us to find the x-intercept of a line we can substitute in 0 for y in our equation. The same strategy works for finding the y-intercept, you can substitute 0 for the x in your equation.

Watch the following video, it will walk you through the process of finding x- and y intercepts. The video will also show you how to graph the line, which we will do in a later lesson.

Note: Click on the AlgebraLab Icon to go to their website and read more about intercepts.