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Solving Linear Equations

When you are asked to solve a linear equation that means find the value of the unknown (variable). In order to find the value of your variable you must follow these steps:

1. Get all the terms containing your variable on one side of the equation, and the constants (given numbers) on the other side of the equation.
2. Get the variable by itself (without any numbers in front of it)
3. In order to move numbers and variables from one side of the equation to the other side you must use the opposite operation of what's being already done.
Ex: if you have 2x on one side and wish to move it to the other side, you would subtract. (Remember there is an invisible + in front of the 2x)

Click on the image for a larger view. This image is a step by step explanation of how to solve an algebraic equation.

Video and Audio Explanation of Solving Linear Equations

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