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Solving a System of Equations by Substitution

Don't cry! A system of equations is as easy as a single equation.

A System of equations is a set that contains more than one equation with the same variables. In this lesson we will only be working with systems of 2 equations and 2 unknowns(variables). After you have mastered working with 2 equations we will get into solving a system with three equations and three unknowns.

You could solve a system of 2 equations using three methods:
1. Substitution
2. Elimination (a.k.a Addition)
3. Graphing

But what does it mean to solve a system of equations? It means find the value of your variables that will make both given equations true. The following example will show you how to solve a system using substitution and then check your answer to make sure you got it right.

Example: Solving a system of two equations with two variables
Click on the picture for a larger view of a detailed worked example

Video: Solving Systems by substitution

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